A new millionaire in town

Every now and then people get really lucky.  This is the case for Chicago native John Thomas, who just won the $177,604,164 jackpot.  Thomas decided to go to the Thorton’s gas station after mowing the lawn this past Saturday in Villa Park close to his house.  After mowing the lawn he realized he needed to go pick up a few things, and in the checkout line he decided to buy a dollar lottery ticket.

When he got the ticket he played the numbers that he’s always played, each of them having a meaning.  His first number was 8 because he met his wife on the 8th.  The next number was 11, the number of kids he hopes to have with his wife.  Next was 22, his lucky number.  As a loyal Chicagoan, he chose 23 as a tribute to Michael Jordan.  It’s not possible to have 31 days in February, so why not choose it as your last number.  The green Big Pay Day ball number of 10 was chosen because it was the tenth time he’d bought a ticket there.

Thomas is a traveling circus clown who’s not going to leave his fun occupation.  He said that he wants his children to all get jobs eventually, even though they’re millionaires.  The reason is he doesn’t want money to change who they are.

When asked what he wants to do with the money, he said that he wants to start up a charity for starting out musicians.  He also may start up his own music school.  As a performer with a passion for music, this cause is close to his heart.

Thomas said that one of the first things he will buy are some more tattoos.  He said that each tattoo that he has tells a story from a point in his life.  The last thing he said is that he will not have the money change the person he is.  photo1


John Smith’s press conference

Chicago native John Smith has just joined the ranks of the lucky lottery winners of the country.  Smith’s winning numbers of 8-11-22-23-31 with the green Big Pay Day ball being 10.  Smith said each number he chose has a meaning to it.  The 8th was the day he met his wife.  He wants to have 11 kids.   The number 22 is his lucky number.  He chose the number 23 as a tribute to the great Michael Jordan.  It’s not possible to have 31 days in the month of February, so why not choose it?  Finally, it was the tenth time he’d bought a ticket at Thorton’s gas station in Villa Park.  Smith said after winning it he plans on starting a musical charity for young musicians, and he will be continuing his work as a traveling clown.photo1

Cowboys cut DeMarcus Ware, where is he going now?

iYesterday the Dallas Cowboys cut their famous pass rusher DeMarcus Ware.  Ware was the all-time leader for sacks on the team, and a 9 time pro-bowler.  He was drafted 11th overall in the 2005 draft by Dallas, who had high hopes for the young player.

When players of Ware’s caliber are released like this, the question on everyone’s mind is simple: Where will he end up? Today he will visit the Denver Broncos.  Many experts believe that he will sign with Denver.  The Broncos are hoping that him and Von Miller will create a tag team on their defensive line.

His total career sacks are 117 over his 9 seasons in Dallas.  Despite a 6 sack performance in 2013 many playoff seeking teams are interested in Ware.  Ware turns 32 in July but is hopeful that he is far from done with football.

Tickets for the dance are punched.









With Selection Sunday coming up this weekend, many teams are either fighting for their lives or sitting back and waiting for their seed to be announced.  The teams who have their tickets punched are the Mercer Bears out of the Atlantic Sun, the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers from the Big South Conference, Delaware’s Fightin Blue Hens from the Colonial Conference, Harvard is Ivy League champions once again, Manhattan’s Jaspers out of the Metro Atlantic are going, the Shockers of Wichita State hope to make their season a perfect one, Mount St. Mary’s Mountaineers out of the Northeast Conference, the Colonels of Eastern Kentucky out of the Ohio Valley Conference, the Wofford Terriers who won the Southern Conference, North Dakota State’s Bison return to the tournament after winning the Summit, and lastly the Gonzaga Bulldogs are back again.  This is just a fraction of all the teams that make up the field of 64.

None of those teams are from power conference, so it remains a mystery how these teams will do.  Many people are looking at Wichita State as a potential champion, despite their easy record.  Looking at their record, they seem to have one of the softest schedule this season, their only real tough opponent was St. Louis in pre-conference.  It remains to be seen how well they do in the tournament.

For the top spots, there is a close race between Syracuse, Wisconsin, Duke, Virginia, Wichita State, Florida,  and many others.  Many think that Syracuse, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Florida will be the four number one seeds.  Only time and how they do in their conference tournaments will tell.

Sports Illustrated releasing throwback cover.

imagesFor all college basketball fans, the performance of Larry Bird when he was at Indiana State has become the stuff of legend.  The famous Sports Illustrated cover photo from November 28th, 1977 of him with 2 ISU cheerleaders holding their fingers in front of their mouths doing the “shh” sign has become very famous.  For this year’s March Madness preview, the famous magazine is doing it again…well, sort of.

This year’s March Madness preview issue features Creighton star Doug McDermott with 2 Creighton cheerleaders in the exact same poses.  The cheerleaders are even doing the “shh” sign.  Back in 1977 the headline called Bird “College Basketball’s Secret Weapon”.  Guess what…it says the same thing this year next to McDermott.

McDermott reached the 3,000 point career mark this past season playing for the Bluejays.  He currently has a total of 3,011 points for his career.  It is unclear how he will do in the coming NBA draft.

Dumb teenagers admit to cops they are burying a body

cm2493Down in Wylie, Texas 2 teenagers gave themselves up without any resistance to police.  When they were asked what they were doing in the woods on Saturday night they responded simply “We are burying a body”.  Pretty straightforward, right?

After they were told this by the 2 16 year olds they immediately went into the woods.  Sure enough, they found the body of 17 year old Ivan Mejia of Wylie.  The names of the 2 16 year olds have not been released yet.

All 3 students were students of Wylie East High School, where Mejia was killed behind on Saturday night.  The motive has not been determined yet, but it is obvious to authorities that the killing was planned.  Wylie East High School has said that the killing is not connected to an event that happened at the school.

Pothole in the1800 block of North Wells reaches 5 feet 6 inches in depth.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsA pothole in the 1800 block of North Wells has reached the depth of 5 feet 6 inches according to area resident Edward Howlett.  Howlett had just stepped out of a cab when he almost stepped into the hole.  As soon as he got in the door of his home he called 911.  The next morning residents found 3 cones, 2 around it and 1 inside the hole.  Howlett and other residents are calling it inexcusable.

Howlett emailed pictures to the Sun-Times with a letter just hours after mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a plan to give triage treatment to 1,055 miles of streets.  There have been record numbers of vehicle damage claims filed, 543 at last week’s city council meeting.  That is almost double the 280 from last month.

Ever since the snow storm on New Year’s Eve that dumped 23 inches on Chicago, crews have filled 240,000 potholes.  Emanuel has said that he personally has heard countless complaints about the conditions of the roads in Chicago over the winter.  Some think that he is ordering a reformation of  the protocols for filling them because the election is almost a year away.

Missing passengers on Malaysian plane include Iranians with stolen passports.

malaysia_pol98With all leads being investigated for the disappearance of the plane in Malaysia, it has been discovered that two of the passengers are Iranians that used stolen passports in order to get on the flight to Beijing.  One passport belongs to an Austrian man and the other to an Italian man.  While neither man have links to terrorist organizations, authorities are not ruling anything out.

One of the men, 19 year old Pouria Nour Mohammed Mehrdad, was traveling to Frankfort, Germany to meet his mother.  The other man, 29 year old  Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza, was going to Copenhagen.  It was originally believed by authorities that the two men were traveling together, but after their destinations were determined that theory was proved wrong.  It has been determined that both men stole the passports while they were in Thailand.

Malaysian Police Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar said that the cause of the disappearance  is being looked at from all possible angles at this time.  From looking at video of the passengers in the airport before they boarded the aircraft to checking each profile of the crew and passengers for any type of lead, they are leaving no stone unturned.  Boeing (the makers of the 777), the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration, and intelligence agencies have been sent over there to assist Malaysia in the investigation.  The FBI has not been sent because a crime has not been discovered as of yet.